Angus McFadyen

Angus is now quite famous for his hand raised teapots, and this one is no exception. A very fine hand-raised small teapot in Sterling Silver (925/1000). The outer body of this piece is decorated with inlaid flowers, and the Short Spout is very proportionate to its size and Japanese influence. The handle ensures that the pot can be held properly, and it feels good in the hand, and the wooded insulators and knop are simple, but well executed. The raised flower Heads used in this teapot are created from Fine Silver (999/1000), and recesses are cut into the body of the teapot where the flower heads are to be placed. This recess has undercut edges, and the inlay is either “rubbed in” using a burnisher, or tapped in with a hammer. No Solder is used, so no cleaning up. The Engraved “Stalk” follows.

A really delightful piece.